How to get thin and toned arms

Many women talk about wanting thin and toned arms as they are unhappy with their current wobbly triceps. In this post I’ll go over some of the myths about this type of training as well as looking at some of the ways to try to do this.

Myths about getting thin and toned arms

I’ve noticed that the women’s fitness industry is full of so many fibs and false information that sometimes I feel like throwing my computer into the wall! However, I am determined to make Real Women’s full of quality, fresh and helpful information to combat all these myths. Continue reading

7 ways to boost your metabolism

Boost your metabolic six-pack abs rate or the amount of energy spent in a given time so the next time you sit in front of the television, you are burning 100 calories, instead of just one. With a simple tweak in your lifestyle, you can improve your health much and get the body you’ve always wanted. Continue reading