If you want your muscle to change, it simply has to be challenged.

Think of a callous. You don’t get calluses immediately. A matter a fact, the opposite happens. The skin thins, tears and even bleeds. It’s only in time your body builds the layers of protective hard skin, but that won’t happen unless you continue to stress that area.

Bigger, stronger muscles only come when your body realizes it has no other choice but to get stronger so it can endure what you put it through – and do well. It responds to the demands you put on your body. If you don’t challenge it, there is no reason for it to change. Whether it’s heavier weight, more reps or more sets, you must give it a bigger task than it can handle. Then, it’s the repetitive literal wear and tear that you put your body through to get your body to respond.

Football and the T.O. Reality Show star, Terrell Owens, is a perfect example of sculpting a physique with more than just heavy weight. Although I’m sure he lifts heavy too, he’s also known for doing various types of training including cardio, conditioning, and using Bodylastics bands. This type of training, along with a stellar diet, sculpted T.O. one of the most sought after physiques in the NFL.

Low reps and big breaks would be like raking the yard once a month. It doesn’t matter how hard you work on that one day, it is very unlikely you will build calluses because there was too big of a rest between the real work, allowing your body to fully recover. However, if you start raking repeatedly everyday, I guarantee your body will get the message and give you some nice calluses to work with.

This is how your muscles work too. It doesn’t matter how heavy you lift, if you let your body fully recover with a long rest between sets or you aren’t working out consistently enough. If your muscles aren’t being fully fatigued, your body won’t respond the way you want it too. It is the repetitive breaking down of the muscle that forces your body to heal and grow stronger.

Now, what that said, there are totally different training techniques for specific athletes, like power-lifters. They may lift extremely heavy for one rep with extended rest, but honestly – have you seen a power lifter that had a physique you wanted? In addition, they have to eat a ton to gain the weight they need to push more weight. The fact is, most people are not training to lift a car or bend a frying pan. They are training to sculpt their physiques and this is the type of training I’m talking about.



2 thoughts on “If you want your muscle to change, it simply has to be challenged.

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