Introducing TRX training…

What is TRX?

First of all let’s start off with what the TRX system is. Total body Resistance eXercise or TRX was originally designed by a Navy Seal who needed to be able to stay in shape with limited space and something small enough for sea bags. Now TRX has made its way into the fitness industry by storm and is used by a lot of pro sports teams, coaches, and top trainers around the world. 

TRX is a type of training that uses gravity and your own body weight to build strength, power, balance, coordination, flexibility, core and joint stability, all while preventing injuries, and increasing bone density.


–          You can reduce your training time by working your entire body switching from one exercise to the next in just seconds. The best part is every exercise engages your core. You may think that your core is just your abdominal? However, it is more than that! Your core includes the pelvis, abs, gluteus, back, and chest muscles.

–          Your core provides your body with stability, balance and flexibility. Everything you do in your life starts with your core, whether it is bending over to pick up the pen, washing your car, playing basketball with your kids, or participating in an Ironman competition. If you have a strong and stable core it helps prevent injuries, not just in your low back but throughout your entire body.

–          You can use your own body weight to adjust your personal fitness level simply by walking closer or further away from the anchor point. This keeps you constantly challenging your body through every exercise, minimizing wasted time switching weights.

–          TRX can help you build muscle strength and size, challenging your body in a way it has not been challenged. TRX can strengthen all the stabilizing muscles around the joints needed to support a heavier weight, something that is not achieved by taking your body through a seated machine workout. This gives you more strength and power for your regular routines in the weight room, as well as giving you a strong foundation with less chance of injury. TRX is a great tool for plyometric type training as well, for an added increase in your power output.

TRX also helps in the fight against bone loss. The exercises on the TRX can be low impact while having the benefits of weight-bearing exercises. You can add in a weight vest to make it even more challenging. The TRX helps you get in some ranges of motion you may not have been able to meet before offering support while recruiting more muscles.

The TRX will fire multiple muscles, which increases the heart rate, burning more calories than sitting or standing through a “traditional” exercise. TRX can keep you constantly moving from one exercise to the next in a circuit-like manner. This strengthens your heart as well as increases muscular endurance.

Who else can do TRX training for?

As you see, the TRX system is very versatile for everyone: young, old, pro-athlete, recreational athlete, stay at home mom, body builder – no matter what your goals are or what your fitness level is, TRX is for you! Get started in a one on one program with a trainer or a group class today and take your physique to the next level!

Why should we train on the TRX over traditional styles of training?

Traditional styles of training are performed in what we call the Sagittal plane of motion meaning moving forward, backward, push or pulling types of exercises, typically while seated. An example would be a seated chest press, a seated cable row, or a leg press, none of which challenge the core the way we need for our daily activities. Do we always move in our daily routine only forward, backward, and supported? The answer is NO! We move left, right, forward, backward, diagonally and twisting and bending. Don’t you think we should train our bodies the same way? This is exactly why the TRX helps prevent injuries, while developing a strong and stable core. By moving in multi-plane exercises, you are training your body for daily activities and reducing chances of injury.

What exercises can I do to enhance my performance?

Like any new exercise program or introduction to new equipment you will always start with the basics until you have mastered form and technique. This will help you recruit the right muscles and help prevent injuries. Here are some of the basic exercises that you would start with when you first get going on the TRX: Chest Press, Row, Lunge, Squat, Plank, Tucks, Pike, Side Lunge, Oblique Twist, and Back Extension. 


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