Protein rich foods

Food (Per 100g) Protein Carbs Fat Calories
Almond Nuts 21.1g 6.9g 55.8g 2541kJ (614kcal)
Anchovies 14.5g 0.1g 2.8g 355kJ (85kcal)
Asparagus 2.9g 2.0g 0.6g 106kJ (25kcal)
Avocado 1.9g 1.9g 19.5g 790kJ (195kcal)
Bacon 15.9g 19.8g 1005kJ (245kcal)
Baked Beans 9.5g 22.1g 0.4g 130kcal
Bananas 1.2g 23.2g 0.3g 426kJ (100kcal)
Beef Fillet Steak 20.9g 0g 7.9g 648kJ (155kcal)
Bread (wholemeal) 11.0g 39.1g 2.2g 935kJ (220kcal)
Broccoli 4.2g 3.2g 0.2g 133kJ (31kcal)
Carrots 0.6g 7.9g 0.3g 156kJ (37kcal)
Cheese 30.9g 0.1g 15.0g 1085kJ (260kcal)
Chicken Breast (Skinless) 23.5g 0g 1.7g 462kJ (109kcal)
Coconut 3.33g 15.23g 33.49g 354
Cod fish 17.9g 0g 0.9g 340kJ (80kcal)
Cottage Cheese 12.2g 4.5g 1.5g 340kJ (80kcal)
Couscous 15.1g 73.1g 1.1g 1545kJ (365kcal)
Crab meat 18.1g trace 0.5g 330kJ (80kcal)
eggs 12.5g Trace 3.2g 627kJ (151kcal)
Goji Berries 12.3g 57.7g 0.3g 1205kJ (285kcal)
Haddock Fish 16.4g 0g 1.2g 325kJ (80kcal)
Hummus 7.4g 9.8g 26.8g 1285kJ (310kcal)
Lamb (Steak) 19.9g 0.8g 3.2g 475kJ (115kcal)
Lobster 26.41 3.12 1.94 143
Milk (Semi Skimmed) 3.6g 4.8g 1.8g 209kJ (50kcal)
Milk (Whole) 3.3g 4.7g 3.6g 268kJ (64kcal)
Monkfish 24g 1.7g
Orange 1.1g 8.5g 0.1g 167kJ (39kcal)
Orange Roughy Fish 22.64g 0g 0.034g 105
Pasta 12.5g 73.0g 1.4g 1505kJ (355kcal)
Peanut Butter (Crunchy) 24.9g 10.1g 50.2g 2452kJ
Peas 5.9g 9.0g 0.9g 290kJ (70kcal)
Pizza (Pepperoni) 11.4g 28.0g 11.1g 1085kJ (260kcal)
Pork Chops 19.3g 20.3g 1080kJ (260kcal)
Porridge oats 11.0g 60g 8.0g 1500 kJ/ (356 kcal)
Potatoes 2.1g 17.2g 0.2g 335kJ (80kcal)
Prawns 17.0g 0.3g 0.9g 330kJ (80kcal)
Pumpkin Seeds 28.8g 15.2g 45.6g 2435kJ/586kcal
Rice (brown) 6.9g 74.0g 2.8g 1480kJ (350kcal)
Salmon Fish Fillets (Boneless) 21.6g 0g 14.0g 885kJ (215kcal)
Sardines (Fish) 21.5g trace 9.6g 721kJ (172kcal)
Sausages (pork) 13.9g 11.9g 17.0g 1069kJ
soya beans 35.9g 14.8g 18.6g 1555kJ (375kcal)
Spaghetti 5.1g 33.0g 1.3g 700kJ (165kcal)
Spinach 2.8g 1.5g 0.8g 103kJ (24kcal)
Sunflower Seeds 23.4g 18.6g 47.5g 2475kJ (600kcal)
Tilapia Fish 24g 0 4g 105
Tofu 12.1g 0.6g 6.0g 438/105
Tuna Fish (Steak) 25.6g 0g 0.5g 455kJ (110kcal)
Tuna Fish (Tinned) 26.3g 0.0g 10.7g 843kJ / 202kcal
Turkey Breast (Skinless) 22.3g 0g 1.2g 425kJ (100kcal)
Venison (Dear meat) 30.21 3.19 158
Yogurt 4.5g 6.6g 11.0g 600kJ (145kcal)

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