How often should I train my abs?

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So how many days a week should we train our abs? “7” i hear you say?

No, it’s not 7. This popular answer always appears to be that more is retrospect it’s not. Doing more of what you can already do won’t get you six pack abs.

What got you results at first was doing something new–something you weren’t doing before. Now that crunches and sit-ups are easy, but to define your abs you need to make your exercises harder and do something you aren’t already doing.

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Since you will increase the difficulty and not the amount of the abs exercises you do, your abs will need time between workouts to recover. How much time?That depends on your level.

I have beginner strain 3x per week and advanced trainers work out 2x per week.

  • BEGINNER = 3 session Per week
  • ADVANCED = 2 Sessions Per Week

Guess why advanced trainers need more time to recover between workouts?

They do because they train harder, since they(should) do the hardest exercises. One last thing: make sure you space your workouts by at least one day.

Beginners could work out

  • Monday,
  • Wednesday,
  • and Friday,

while advanced trainers could do so

  • Monday
  • and Thursday, for instance.

That’s all for now, more info on its way soon…..





2 thoughts on “How often should I train my abs?

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    • you don’t need to train them daily once or twice a week is also beneficial as if you do other exercise and compound routines, they include your core too so it gets worked as a secondary muscle, but focus routines on your abs can be done 2-3 times a week

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