Tips to a healthier lifestyle:

Improving quality of life requires a balanced combination of exercise, diet and rest. Exercise light, controlled and varied. Rest as much as you can and try to involve down time and ample uninterrupted sleep. 

A healthy lifestyle combines varied physical exercise, well balanced diet and control over stressful situations. Exercise has been proven to reduce the chances of certain illnesses and diseases whilst informed dietary choices can also support good health and improved vitality. Lastly, rest and good sleep should never be underestimated as it is during this time that the body grows and adapts to the stresses of everyday life.


A good diet can go a long way towards reducing the risk of illness and injury and promoting a healthy lifestyle. It can also improve your energy levels whilst helping you to maintain a healthy weight. A healthy diet is a variety of foods combining all protein, carbohydrates and fats and a good selection of vitamins and minerals. All of these nutrients should be sourced from healthy foods, low in salt, sugar and bad fats, and where available sourced from ‘real’ food.

This is an example of the kind of meal plan that you can adopt:


–          1 bowl of granola with skimmed or semi-skimmed milk

–          1 glass of fruit juice

–          1 portion of fruit

–          1 low-fat yoghurt

Mid-morning Snack

–          1-3 slices of whole grain toast with honey


–          A chicken breast with pesto sauce

–          50g (uncooked weight) of whole wheat pasta or whole grain rice

–          Mixed bean salad

Mid-afternoon Snack

–          1 portion of fruit

Evening Meal

–          A portion of white fish in a fresh tomato based sauce

–          A large mixed leaf salad

–          1 whole-wheat pita bread

–          1 serving of fruit salad


These supplements can be taken alongside the meal plan.


–          Krill Oil

–          Alpha Men

–          Trans-Resveratrol

Mid-morning Snack

–          A handful of a variety of Natural Nuts


–          A fruit juice or smoothie containing Coconpure

Mid-afternoon Snack

–          1 serving of Impact Whey Isolate with water or skimmed milk

Pre workout

–          50g of Vitargo Pure

Post workout

–          1 serving of Impact Whey Isolate with water or skimmed milk

Evening Meal

–          Alpha Men


The aim of healthy living is to promote physical and mental health, reduce the likelihood of illness and injury and improve longevity.

This training programme is based on a frequency of 3 sessions per week. Attempt to have at least one day of rest in-between each exercise session.  The intensity to which you work during this programme should be based on your current level of fitness. Resistance exercises should be easy to moderate and should not elicit muscular fatigue upon completion of the specified sets and repetitions.

Day 1-4

Cardiovascular Exercise

Any cardiovascular exercise can be performed for a total of 45 minutes. Your cardiovascular exercise may be a single exercise or combination of exercises and can include running, swimming, cycling, rowing or any other rhythmic cardiovascular exercise.  Work should be performed at around 50-70% maximum heart rate.

Resistance Exercise                        Sets                       Repetitions

Chest Press                                        2                              10-15

Seated Row                                       2                              10-15

Squats                                               2                              10-15

Leg Press                                           2                              10-15

Shoulder Press                                    2                              10-15

Abdominal Crunches210-15

Remember to always seek the advice of a medical expert before commencing any exercise routine.



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