Strength plus power


The quest for improved physical performance has seen the evolution of resistance training play a huge role in functional exercise.  Strength training utilises different forms of resistance which are used to oppose muscular movements and cause what is known as the ‘training effect’. The high intensity nature of power and strength training demands a diet which is tailored to the recovery and growth of the trained muscles. 


A solid and structured diet plan can go a long way towards promoting gains in power and strength. Diet should be planned to make sure sufficient nutrients and calories are consumed to support muscular growth and promote complete physical recovery. The meal plan should be split into regular meals throughout the day with healthy snacks in-between.


1 large bowl of porridge with skimmed or semi-skimmed milk

1 glass of fruit juice

2 slices of whole grain toast

2 scrambled or poached eggs

Mid-morning Snack

1-2 portions of fruit


A chicken breast or large tuna steak

125g (uncooked weight) of whole wheat pasta or whole grain rice

Mixed leaf salad with olive oil dressing

Portion of fruit

Low fat yoghurt

Mid-afternoon Snack

1-2 portions of fruit

Evening meal

2 portions of mixed vegetables

A large part of lean red meat or salmon

A large sweet potato

Low fat yoghurt

Portion of fruit


The following supplements have been recognised as being suitable to help promote gains in Power and Strength. These supplements should be taken along the meal plan in the “Diet” section.


Super Omega 3

Alpha Men


1 serving of Total Protein

A handful of a variety of Natural Nuts

Mid-afternoon Snack

1 Protein flapjacks

1 pack of MP Max Beef Jerky

Pre workout

1 serving of Creastorm

50g of Vitargo Pure

Post workout

1 serving of Recovery XS

Evening meal

Super Omega 3

Alpha Men

Evening Snack

1 serving of Total Protein

50g Instant Oats


Training should involve a combination of explosive training and strength training. This particular programme is based on regular gym equipment including free weights and machines; however you may want to consider the use of equipment specifically designed for power training including kettle bells, medicine balls and sand bags.

This training programme is based on a frequency of 4 sessions per week (repeat both days twice). Attempt to have at least one day of rest after two consecutive days of exercise.

Day 1

Exercise                               Sets                       Repetitions

Power Clean*                       4                              3-5

Bench Press                         2                              8-10

Snatch*                               4                              3-5

Single Arm Row                     2                              8-10

Squat                                   2                              8-10

Abdominal Crunch                  2                              8-10

Day 2

Exercise                               Sets                       Repetitions

Clean*                                  4                              3-5

Push Press*                           4                              3-5

Incline Bench Press                  2                              8-10

Seated Row                            2                              8-10

Front Squat                            2                              8-10

Abdominal Crunch                    2                              8-10

*’ Perform the exercise as fast as possible during the concentric phase and return under control during the eccentric phase. Use a load of 75-85% of 1-Rep Max for these exercises and allow between 2-5 minutes rest in between each set. The load on the non-power exercises should moderate to high.

Seek the advice of a medical expert before commencing any exercise routine.



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