Women’s Fitness

Building and maintaining a healthy level of fitness can be a difficult task. With a good balance of exercise, sensible diet and plenty of rest the task won’t be as difficult. It’s all about making correct lifestyle choices and following them through which will help you meet your body shape goals.

A healthy lifestyle requires a great amount of dedication and commitment. We should all, set ourselves achievable and healthy targets which need progressive changes to our activity levels and nutritional routine. Crash diets or quick fixes will not help meet long-term and sustainable body shape goals, so it is important from the off set to understand that hard work is the only thing that will help you reach your target.

Going hard at the gym is a major influence on any healthy lifestyle, but there is also some other simple and easy changes that you can make straight away. Consuming 5-6 small meals a day, only consume high GI carbohydrates around exercise, chew your food properly before swallowing, eat your fruit and veg and drop the unhealthy snacks between meals.

Diet right

The key to any healthy diet is to watch the amount and type of calories you consume . Consuming more calories than you burn off will ultimately result in weight gain. Denying your body of a regular calorie intake can slow down your metabolism resulting in fewer calories burned throughout the day. Also, as your body is desperate for energy and you are refusing to supply it, you will go in to survival mode where your body will actually store more calories from your next meal, which can actually lead to weight gain.

Eat small meals to keep your metabolism active and make sure you consume protein, low GI carbohydrates, fibrous vegetables and healthy fats.


  • 1 bowl of porridge with skimmed milk
  • 1 glass of fruit juice
  • 1 portion of fruit
  • 1 slice of whole grain toast

Mid-morning snack

  • ½ a whole grain bagel with sugar-free jam spread.


  • 40g (uncooked weight) of whole-wheat pasta salad with chicken, tuna or ham in an oil dressing
  • Portion of fruit
  • 125g low-fat yoghurt
  • Mid-afternoon snack
  • A hand full of fresh or dried berries

Evening meal

  • A portion of mixed vegetables or salad
  • A 100g portion of lean red meat, chicken or salmon
  • 40g (uncooked weight) of whole-wheat pasta or whole grain rice

This meal plan should be adapted to meet your requirements. When planning your diet you should always take into account your current state of health, activity levels and any special dietary requirements. Consume plenty of water throughout the day.


The following supplements are suitable to help meet a balanced and healthy diet. These supplements should be taken along the meal plan in the diet.


  • Krill Oil
  • Elle Active Woman
  • Trans-Resveratrol

Mid-morning Snack

  • A handful of a variety of Natural Nuts

Mid-afternoon Snack

  • 1 Elle Virtue Bar

Pre workout

  • 1 bottle of ONE Isotonic, consumed throughout your workout
  • Elle Thermo pure

Post workout

  • 1 serving of Elle True Diet

Evening meal

  • Elle Active Woman

The workout plan

The aim of this programme is to help you burn off excess body fat and promote the growth or maintenance of lean body tissue. Training should combine resistance exercise and cardiovascular exercise. The more lean tissue your body is made up of, the more calories you will burn during exercise. One thing to avoid is the concept that working a certain muscle, abdominal being a perfect example will not result in reduced body fat around this muscle.

This training programme is based on 3-4 sessions per week. Seek the advice of a fitness professional about the correct form and technique of all the following exercises and insure a thorough warm-up is performed before you start the programme and a thorough cool down is performed after the programme.

Day 1-4

Cardiovascular Exercise

Any cardiovascular exercise can be performed for a total of 45 minutes. Your cardiovascular exercise may be a single exercise or combination of exercises and can include running, swimming, cycling, rowing or any other rhythmic cardiovascular exercise. Try and vary your cardiovascular exercise as much as possible to avoid reaching early plateaus in your fitness levels.

Resistance Exercise        Sets       Repetitions

Chest Press                        2              10-15

Lat Pull-down                      2              10-15

Squats                                2              10-15

Shoulder Press                      2              10-15

Lunges                                2              10-15

Abdominal Crunches               2              10-15

Seek advice from a medical expert before commencing any exercise routine. This routine should be viewed as a guide only and should be adapted to meet your requirements and current level of fitness.


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