Getting Fit


 Unfortunately there’s no miracle way to get the results you want it consists of hard work and it involves consistency in your eating and training. Since I started doing this in January 2011 I have made sure I never miss meals ever, they come first, and they are always prepared for the day.

The key is to make it a lifestyle change not a diet change sometimes it gets hard and frustrating but you get into a routine and it’s just part of your lifestyle. Always remember this: 70% what you eat and 30% how you train.

The easiest and quickest way to improve looks is to burn fat. If your aim is to get your body to look tighter, then you need to burn calories if it’s bigger muscles you want? Then burn calories. No matter how strong and big your muscles are, you WILL NOT look impressive, if your body is covered by a thick layer of fat. So anyone, who is trying to sculpt his or hers own body in order to look better, must know at least the basics of getting leaner.

Losing weight is simple. Unfortunately, it has been complicated with all the equipment on TV commercials. All the do-this-and-that-and-you-will-have-a-perfect-body-in-no-time commercials must not be taken seriously. There are no magic-tools in burning fat!

Burning those extra calories is most of all mathematics. Your daily calorie in-take must be smaller than the amount of calories consumed per day. Professional bodybuilders and fitness models calculate their calorie in-take carefully, so that they can lose weight as much as they want to.

You can use: this is a useful website that helped me in terms of calorie counting as well as meeting other people online looking for a similar goal as yourselves as you embark on your journey to a much more healthier lifestyle.

Key points to remember and hold onto:

  1. 7000 kcal equals one kilo. This means that if your daily calorie consuming is 1000 kcal higher than your calorie in-take, then you will end up losing one kilo per week.
  1. The before mentioned example is not for people who are trying to lose weight permanently, because it is too short a time to lose so much weight. To lose one kilo of fat per week is a high speed for the professionals too, and most of them take more time to burn fat so that they don’t run out of time before competition.
  1. 3.       In addition there is one remarkable thing to remember: the less you burn fat per week, the better it is for your muscle mass, too.

Before you begin losing weight you need to think about a few complex things.

–           Firstly, while losing weight, it is also possible to lose some muscles in the process.

–           Secondly, especially for amateurs it is very difficult to find the motivation to get shredded/ripped.

–          Thirdly, there are many foods that are healthy, but they might also destroy diets.

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